03 Mar 2014

Is your Economic Development Organization ready for the Mobile Revolution?

Mr. Monzon co-founded GIS Planning Inc., one of the fastest-growing 5,000 private companies in the United States, according to Inc Magazine. As developer of the first GIS-based website for economic development, Mr. Monzon is an entrepreneur, innovator and technology professional. With over 15 years of experience developing location-based applications and GIS based websites, he has received multiple awards in both the field of Economic Development and Geographic Information Systems. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News, and numerous GIS-related publications. Mr. Monzon has lectured about Internet GIS in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Prior to GIS Planning, Mr. Monzon worked for Vectiv, an online GIS site selection company focused on the retail industry.

ZoomProspector MobileA quick quiz: Do you ever check the news on your smartphone? What about the weather? Do you use it to find a restaurant around you, or directions to a store? Do you forward articles of interest to colleagues and friends from your smartphone? If you’ve got a few extra minutes, do you use them to check your email, stock quotes Twitter feed?  Have you ever shopped online from your mobile device?


Chances are the answers to most (if not all) of those questions were “yes.” And you aren’t alone. According to a recent report, 28% of web traffic at the end of 2013 was coming from mobile devices. Our own research shows that up to 20% of visitors to site selection websites are using smartphones or tablets. If you find yourself using your smartphone to do all of these things, chances are very high that your potential customers, the businesses in your community, your talented workforce and the investors you want to attract are doing the same thing?


Last week’s news that Facebook bought popular web messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion is just another indicator of this dominant trend. So GIS Planning is thrilled to be the only vendor in the economic development industry to have taken up the call of the mobile revolution with our newly released fully mobile browser-optimized version of ZoomProspector Enterprise, the gold standard in location analysis web services.


More than 50 communities (including 15 state-wide organizations) are already using the mobile-optimized versions of their ZoomProspector software service. It’s truly a first of its kind. While mobile websites for sites and building search exist in different forms, GIS Planning's mobile solution is the first one that goes beyond building search to the full location analysis functionality which has further solidified ZoomProspector Enterprise as the industry standard. You can quickly and easily do a full analysis of a location, view demographic distribution with heat maps, create wage and labor force reports, examine local GIS data layers, search for businesses, or view community demographics. All from your smartphone. 


ZoomProspector MobileSee for yourself. Using your smartphone, take a look at the following links:

State of Pennsylvania

State of Idaho

Palm Beach County, Florida

Denton, Texas


Is your economic development organization ready to meet this important trend head on to achieve success? If a site selector or businessperson clicks on a link to you site from their smartphone, will they be satisfied with a user-friendly, effective experience? Will they quickly find what they seek, or will they become frustrated trying to navigate a non-optimized website from a small screen and just give up? As private sector organizations rush to invest in mobile solutions, it’s time to ask the question if your organization is doing the same thing. 

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