13 Jan 2015

ZoomProspector websites now on Amazon Web Services

Alissa Sklar is the director of marketing for GIS Planning. She has extensive experience as a consultant, writer and educator in the fields of technology and communications. Dr. Sklar has a Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Massachusetts of Amherst, and has as worked closely with B2Bs and economic development agencies to assess, develop and implement social media strategies for business development.

Cloud computing economic developmentWe are proud to announce that all GIS Planning websites are now stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS). That means your ZoomProspector Enterprise is securely hosted on the most reliable and fastest cloud system in the world, the same one used by the U.S. federal government, Netflix, Dow Jones, Comcast, Expedia, and multinational corporations like Unilever and Pfizer.


If you are like most people, you might not be aware of exactly what happens behind the scenes in the nanoseconds between your mouse click and the desired website popping up on your screen. Although we talk about “the cloud” to describe data that is accessible from anywhere, the truth is, websites still have to be stored somewhere tangible. A server is the actual physical computer(s) where your data is kept and linked to the Internet.


GIS Planning chose Amazon cloud servers to offer the highest level of protection and service to our clients. Amazon Cloud servers build in multiple layers of protection and fail-safes. GIS Planning is the only major GIS site selection website provider to use Amazon cloud servers, so you can trust your ZoomProspector websites are in the most capable hands.


If security and reliability are critical for our clients, so are download times. So we have also implemented a content delivery network (or CDN) to ensure that our clients and their customers have the fastest download times, no matter where they are located. A CDN stores data in multiple locations around North America and the world. This helps our clients’ websites and applications download faster, because when a user goes to your site, the CDN network points closest to their physical location rushes those files to them the fastest. GIS Planning is also the only major GIS site selection website provider to use a CDN, so your website information is delivered to your customers the fastest.


A content delivery network is sort of like having a copy of your website in locations around the nation and world. Basically, it replicates data from your website on various servers dotted about the world, and the visitor is served content from the nearest server to them so they can access it as quickly as possible. This means that a website user in Texas doesn’t have to go all around the world to reach a server in Virginia, when instead, they may get your content from a nearby server in San Antonio.


So while other vendors may make spurious claims about download speeds and website security, we urge you to try it out for yourself. GIS Planning’s continued commitment to excellence is the #1 reason ZoomProspector Enterprise has remained the industry leaders in economic development software solutions over the years, serving an impressive 58% of the US population.



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