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GIS Planning's technology is implemented in communities across American and serves:
• The majority of the U.S. population
• The majority of the 100 largest cities in the U.S.
• The majority of the U.S. geographic land area.

Our ZoomProspector technology is implemented in 43 states to promote economic growth and prosperity. Here you can see examples of our work.

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    Our municipalities like ZoomProspector because they can have their own search platform with up-to-date property listings right on their website.

    Rachel Gretencord, CFA, Commercial Real Estate

    SizeUp is the greatest free tool there is for accurate data research! It drives real business growth through business intelligence that you cant beat nor get anywhere else. Do your business operations a favor and take advantage of this data.

    Jonathan C., President & CEO

    We have truly valued our relationship with GIS Planning over the years. Their professional support staff are always there to assist us with our communities, site selection clients, and project managers needs on a local, U.S. and global scale. 

    Ricky McGee Manager, Site Planning Georgia EMC
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