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GIS Planning's technology is implemented in communities across American and serves:
• The majority of the U.S. population
• The majority of the 100 largest cities in the U.S.
• The majority of the U.S. geographic land area.

Our ZoomProspector technology is implemented in 43 states to promote economic growth and prosperity. Here you can see examples of our work.

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    Finding the right location for a business is difficult for even us professionals, given the thousands of potential locations out there. is essential for companies that would like to get a handle on what alternative locations might hold for their company as well as those of us who do this for a living, as a convenient source of high quality site selection information.

    James Renzas, President, GAIN Division, Bedford International

    GIS Planning Inc. is the industry leader in GIS technology, and its service provides our readers with information they need to make site-selection decisions right at their fingertips.

    Rachel Duran, Editor in Chief, Business Xpansion Journal

    GIS Planning Inc.'s service combines all the critical information businesses need to make site-selection decisions into a single, nation-wide website. The website is not only easy to use, but it finds communities based on the objective criteria that will make each business successful.

    Ted Coene, Executive Publisher, Business Facilities
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