State clients

GIS Planning's technology is implemented in communities across North America and serves:
• The majority of the U.S. states
• The majority of the U.S. population
• The majority of the 100 largest cities in the U.S.
• The majority of the U.S. geographic land area.
• All of the population of Canada.

Our ZoomProspector technology is implemented in 43 states and all Canadian provinces and territories to promote economic growth and prosperity. Here you can see examples of our work.

ZoomProspector is now implemented across the globe in countries such as: France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom


    Excellent marketing tool!

    Paula Fitzgerald, Community Development Director at City of Los Banos

    The tool ( aims to help biotech companies from around the world to identify suitable Massachusetts properties that meet their manufacturing and lab space needs...

    Boston Globe interactive maps that zero in on available land, warehouses, offices or factories, cataloged according to specifications typed in by companies that might be looking to expand in the Midwest. And site selection trade journals concur that nearly 90% of site searches begin on the Internet. That means that any region without a Web presence gets bypassed without even knowing it lost its chance.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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