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SizeUp is a FREE tool that can help EDOs grow, retain, and expand every business in a community. Share SizeUp with your local companies and empower them to make intelligent business decisions.

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Main Features

Benchmark Performance


See how you size up by comparing your performance to all other competitors in your industry. SizeUp super-crunches millions of data points to answer this question so businesses know where they stand

Assess Competitiveness


Map where your competitors, customers, and suppliers are located. Determine how you can best serve existing customers, and new customers, and pick suppliers.

Find Best Places to Advertise


Determine the best areas to target your next advertising campaign.

What We Believe In

SizeUp is obsessively committed to making businesses smarter, more profitable, and more competitive through search technology with a result of creating better businesses, economically healthy communities, and fostering job creation. We are focused on increasing wealth, democratizing information, and improving society.