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Facebook App for Economic Development

ZoomProspector has developed the first and only Facebook applications exclusively for economic development, which can be added to any organization's Facebook Page.

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Main Features

Property Search

Property Database Reports

The properties application creates a new tab on a Facebook Page that allows visitors to quickly search for available properties by searching across type, size, and sale versus lease. GIS Planning clients can set their geographies based on the names of their organizations, while all other users can specify a particular city or county. Organizations can also highlight up to 3 featured properties that appear with pictures and links out to more detailed information.

Community Demographics

Community Search

The demographics application adds a tab to a Facebook Page with a wealth of current data on any community specified by an organization, including statistics on the population, labor force, entrepreneurship / innovation, and tax burden. This information will be of value to anyone wanting to know more about an area. These statistics are automatically updated to reflect the most current information available on

Good to Know

The tools allow economic developers to share customized real estate, business and demographic data about their areas across the social network's massive audience. The Facebook apps link to, allowing new and expanding businesses to find, compare and deeply analyze communities and available properties nationwide.

Did you know?

Facebook is the largest social networking website with more than 900 million active users. Martha Weaver, publisher of Eco.Dev.Pro, writes "Facebook pages are an excellent way for Economic Developers and Chambers of Commerce to provide information to their local communities and build support for their work. FaceBook offers a low-key, personal way to provide advice, applaud local business successes and build a community of supporters."

Hundreds of economic development organizations have already installed our Facebook apps. "Apps like this are great as people are unlikely to leave Facebook once there,” writes the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation. “Bring the info to them." It is important to reach your audience where they are, and with these applications, organizations are able to accomplish that.