ZoomProspector Enterprise site selection widget

ZoomProspector Enterprise Widget

Embed our new site selection widget anywhere on your website and make searches easy for potential investors. The best way to show off what you got.

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Main Features

User-friendly searches

Your demographic, business and real estate data offers a critical profile of your region to businesses and site selectors, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to begin their search.

Easily embedded

Our new ZoomProspector Enterprise site selection widget can be easily embedded anywhere on your website, allowing potential investors to begin their searches instantly, no matter where they are.

Choice of search fields

Choose from search for buildings, sites and communities - or go for all three. Customize the widget with one of your branded colors. Free for existing clients.

Same depth & range of data

Your ZoomProspector Enterprise widget accesses the same unmatched depth and range of property, demographic and business data. Clicking on “Search” leads them directly to a results page on the site selection tool, where they can continue to browse your data as needed.

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