02 Aug 2012

Forbes says SizeUp can help you beat the competition

Mr. Monzon co-founded GIS Planning Inc., one of the fastest-growing 5,000 private companies in the United States, according to Inc Magazine. As developer of the first GIS-based website for economic development, Mr. Monzon is an entrepreneur, innovator and technology professional. With over 15 years of experience developing location-based applications and GIS based websites, he has received multiple awards in both the field of Economic Development and Geographic Information Systems. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News, and numerous GIS-related publications. Mr. Monzon has lectured about Internet GIS in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Prior to GIS Planning, Mr. Monzon worked for Vectiv, an online GIS site selection company focused on the retail industry.

A profile on Forbes.com of SizeUp, a service of GIS Planning, titled “Could This App Help You Beat the Competition?” discusses the importance of obtaining business intelligence and how SizeUp can help. Forbes says that knowing how your business stacks up against the competition is “critical information for any successful business… the best research often turns out to be hidden behind a paywall. But without that research, you can waste money pursuing a competitive position or taking a retail location that isn’t ideal for your market.”  Forbes goes on to explain how SizeUp helps small business owners with a “quick, free starting point” to perform market research and determine competitive standing.

Read the full article: Could This App Help You Beat the Competition?


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