30 Sep 2015

Last minute packing tips for IEDC Anchorage 2015

Alissa Sklar is the director of marketing for GIS Planning. She has extensive experience as a consultant, writer and educator in the fields of technology and communications. Dr. Sklar has a Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Massachusetts of Amherst, and has as worked closely with B2Bs and economic development agencies to assess, develop and implement social media strategies for business development.

Everyone is super excited for this year's IEDC annual conference in Anchorage. We've compiled a helpful set of last minute tips to make sure your experience at the biggest economic development of the year goes smoothly:

Anchorage from Earthquake Park by Frank K. from Anchorage, Alaska, USA

1) Advil: We've said it before - there’s not a year that goes by that we don’t see somebody hurting from getting just a little too exuberant on the dance floor during one of the nightly parties. We're not saying that’s going to be you, but be prepared for it.

2) Woolly hat: And gloves, a scarf and warm jacket. Maybe pack some extra layers (and something waterproof) if you'll be headed out on the railroad tour or sightseeing cruises. Those of you from the south may want a full-length down parka. October in Alaska can be brisk.

3) Comfortable shoes: During the course of the week there will be so much to see and do; you will be inside warm session rooms and outside in cool temperatures. There will be events that are casual, semi-casual, and formal. Judging by the weather forecast, you may want to pack something with Goretex. Don't let sore feet get you down - come prepared!

4) An open mind: You’ll be surrounded by a lot of innovative new ideas from both your peers and exhibitors.  Be open to change. “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” -Frank Zappa

5) Pocket money: Two free drink tickets is never enough...

6) If you remember NOTHING ELSE, remember to stop by booth 400 on Sunday, Oct. 4th at 3:45 p.m. for the soft launch of our completely redesigned ZoomProspector.com. Get a peek at what's coming and sign up for your organization's EDO profile. The future of national site selection portals is here. Also, rumor has it there will be cupcakes, but you didn't hear it from me... (Also Advil, remember the Advil.)

See you in Alaska!


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