28 Jan 2016

More updates for ZoomProspector: Railroads, Census places and schools

Jeff Suneson has over a decade of experience in geographic information systems. Prior to joining GIS Planning he worked as the GIS Coordinator for the City of Hayward and built their GIS department, infrastructure, and data from the ground up. Before that, he taught at the GIS Lab at California State University East Bay. He joined GIS Planning 6 years ago as Web GIS Programmer and has since been promoted into the role of Director of Client Services where he performs project management and works directly with customers on diverse aspects of their service.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best GIS location analysis tool on the market, we have updated ZoomProspector Enterprise yet again. Here are the specific changes we've pushed out to all our applications:

Updated University and Trade School Map Layer

We have updated the secondary education layers in a couple different ways. First, we have simplified the layers by listing them now in two categories, one layer for trade schools and certificate programs and the second for colleges/universities. Second,  you will see that the attributes in the pop-up map bubble have been reworked. The raw data itself has been updated to reflect the 2014-2015 school year.  

Updated Secondary Education data GIS

Updated University and Trade School Analysis 

We used the updated college and trade school information in the rebuilding of our spatial statistics regarding the number of colleges and trade schools in each community and within 50 miles (see the example from MiamiDadeSites.com at right). Note that the college data was analyzed against the recently updated 2015 Census place layer polygons. Also, for analysis within communities we allow for a 1 mile buffer and consider these to be within the community.  This picks up any campuses that are just outside the legal borders. Any clients that had this data manually updated by GIS Planning already will retain those corrected figures.

Current Railroad Network 

For the current railroad network we have updated to the latest version available by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  We are also now symbolizing the rail different based on the rail use and status.  You can see a screen shot of how this looks on the PittsburghProspector.com below. To access this information, click on Layers in the search box on the left of the main screen, then scroll down to Transportation and click on the rail options. Then click on View Legend.

Updated rail GIS data

The new Passenger Rail Service layer singles out tracks that are used for Amtrak, Commuter or Tourist based service as seen below.  

Additional Updates - Places

Census designated places, cities and townships layer have been updated to reflect the U.S.Census 2015 release.  


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