30 Jun 2014

NEW! SizeUp LBI now offers exportable reports

Small and medium-sized businesses work hard to compete against bigger businesses who may be able to afford access to costly consultants and market data. SizeUp Local Business Intelligence (LBI) changes all that, by offering critical market intelligence to entrepreneurs in areas where this service is offered free to their business community. SizeUp LBI exportable reports

Thing about it: this completely changes the playing field. 

Your local businesses can use this user-friendly tool to benchmark themselves against the competition, map out competitors, suppliers and potential customers, determine the best places to advertise, and interactively map demographic, labor force, and consumer expenditure data for their areas. And now, in response to requests from our SizeUp LBI clients, website users can export these demographic, consumer expenditure and labor force reports into PDFs. Business owners and economic developers will appreciate this new resource when they are researching locations, preparing business cases, or archiving information.

View SizeUp LBI in action on the Choose Scottsdale Economic Development website, as well as the Greater Oklahoma City website. Want to know more about adding SizeUp LBI to your economic development or chamber of commerce website? Contact us today!


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