05 Jan 2016

Updates and new features on ZoomProspector Enterprise

Jeff Suneson has over a decade of experience in geographic information systems. Prior to joining GIS Planning he worked as the GIS Coordinator for the City of Hayward and built their GIS department, infrastructure, and data from the ground up. Before that, he taught at the GIS Lab at California State University East Bay. He joined GIS Planning 6 years ago as Web GIS Programmer and has since been promoted into the role of Director of Client Services where he performs project management and works directly with customers on diverse aspects of their service.

What better way to kick off the new year than with new updates and new features? The GIS Planning team is happy to announce some new features and updates to ZoomProspector Enterprise, along with the regular updates to demographic and business data that ensures its reliability.  Let us know what you think about these - we always welcome your feedback.

GIS data drive time search

New Drive Time Service

We are now using a new drive time service which has proved much more accurate and, more importantly, updates continuously as we link to it dynamically.  Check it out online or in the image at right, and you will notice a more detailed polygon with impressive accuracy.

Zip Code Search

We have added the ability to now search for properties by zip code.  You will find this under the "More Filters" search section.

Add Maps to Demographic Map Exports

You now have the option to include a map on any of your demographic reports when exporting to PDF. This adds considerable value to reports, and is a feature valued by site selectors and potential investors. 

Broadband Availability - New

Location decisions for some investors will depend on the availability of broadband. Where is it available? What format does it take? How does it compare to other communities? Who are the providers?

The following layers are now included:


Copper Wire 



Fixed Wireless 

Mobile Wireless

Energy - New & Updated

We made many clients happy when we added our new energy layers at the end of 2015, and they will be delighted to learn we've now added an additional layer for natural gas lines. In addition, power plants are now separated by Renewable and Non-Renewable.  Within each layer they are then broken out into their different fuel sources.

Geography - New & Updated

You will notice that places are now separated out into the following separate layers: 1) Incorporated Places (cities) 2) Census Designated Places (towns, villages, etc), and 3) Townships. In addition, places and counties are now available and show for the entire US.

Transportation - Updated

Airports have been placed within the Transportation section. Railroads now available to view for entire U.S.

Questions about these updates? Want to learn more about how ZoomProspector Enterprise can work to attract investment to your location? Please click here to get in touch. 


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