16 Nov 2015

Webinar: Practical fundraising strategies for economic development

Alissa Sklar is the director of marketing for GIS Planning. She has extensive experience as a consultant, writer and educator in the fields of technology and communications. Dr. Sklar has a Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Massachusetts of Amherst, and has as worked closely with B2Bs and economic development agencies to assess, develop and implement social media strategies for business development.

Dream big. It's what economic developers do. Prosperity. Jobs. Investment attraction. 

Putting all the right pieces into place so you can realize those dreams sometimes requires investment. And sometimes budgets don't allow for all you'd like to do to help your community grow. If your organizational accountants have been wagging their fingers in your face, it's time to get creative. Join us for "Practical Fundraising Strategies for Economic Development." This free, 30-minute webinar (Tuesday, Nov 17th, at 2 p.m. EST/ 11 a.m. PST) , takes you far beyond the bake sale, to consider serious ways to leverage serious dollars.

Cupcakes. Creative commons license, Flickr by Micala

There are many creative ways to finance initiatives, improvements and projects for your economic development organization. Join guest presenter Rick Kiernan, MBA, IOM, principal at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, discuss practical strategies you can put into place to realize your organizational goals for 2016. Kiernan has helped dozens of economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and other nonprofits across the country raise more than $100 million in private and public sector funding.

Click here to view the recording of this webinar, and learn how you can realize your community's economic development project goals in 2016 (and keep those accountants smiling).


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