19 May 2015

Infographics and economic development: What ED pros need to know

Pau Rodriguez is the lead designer at GIS Planning. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Mr. Rodriguez focuses on the practical language of online business by bringing logical flows in user interaction to the online experience. Mr. Rodriguez has years of experience building the online presence for economic development organizations and is adept at integrating visual web design with back-end computer systems. Constantly changing technology motivates and excites Mr. Rodriguez to learn and understand the paths the future holds.

Infographics are shaking up the field of economic development. It's not hard to see why, when all of your key community data (demographics, labor force, business, industry, education, housing and transportation) can be showcased with attractive, engaging graphics. It's a chance to show AND tell the story of your location.

The infographic below tells a compelling story about.... well, about infographics. Check it out to see how our Community Profile Infographic intelligence component can instantly liven up your economic development website. See how it work here on the State of Idaho website. Embed it on any page, no matter what your design or website vendor. It's compatible with anything. And since all the data comes from us (and is automatically updated by us going forwards), it requires almost no work from you. Are you currently a full edition ZoomProspector client? Well, the Community Profile infographic will now be the dynamic, interactive tab on your Community reports tab, for all your website users to enjoy. You can see how that looks over here on the Santa Rosa County Economic Development GIS site selection tool. Two great new ways to tell the story of your location! Contact us today to learn more.


Bonnie Johnson commented on 20-May-2015 07:58 AM
Awesome... The time has finally come where the information has been paired with geographics in a user friendly format. Economic Development will never be the same.

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