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A website alone isn’t enough. No matter how nice it looks. Intelligence Components define the next generation of economic development websites, by offering detailed, interactive content directly on your web pages. Users can search and map demographic and business content where they are looking, all in one polished, intuitive interface that neatly complements your existing content.

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Intelligence Components Talent Pool

Talent Pool

Research, analyze and map data about universities in your area, and degrees conferred by program.

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Intelligence Components Community Infographic

Community Infographics

Community profile infographic visualize your data with attractive graphics, making it easier for website visitors to absorb and understand. Click here to learn more.

Intelligence Components Demographics


Offer robust, detailed, and interactive demographic information directly on your Demographics webpage.

Intelligence Components Dynamic Maps

Dynamic Maps

Enable visualization of geographic information for education, local GIS layers, transportation, and infrastructure.

Intelligence Components Business Data

Business Data

Deliver an understanding of your business environment with interactive industry data.

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Intelligence Components Compare Communities

Compare Communities

Compare the data on demographics, labor force and consumer spending for two or more communities.

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Choose your Intelligence Components

Select Intelligence Component

Step number one Choose the intelligence component that offers the best fit for each page in your website: Demographics, Mapping, Businesses, Compare, and Community Infographics.

Embed it on your website

Place it on your website pages

Step number two A GIS Planning client services professional will deliver the customized code to paste directly on to your website. No further effort required.

24/7 data service

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Step number three Your website users can easily access the data they need any time. And it's all automatically updated, so you can focus on other tasks.

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