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Mohave, AZ jumnps to a new location analysis application


The Mohave County Economic Development Department (MCEDD) in Arizona realized they needed to make a change to their online site selection application. Bennett R. Bratley, director of the MCEDD, explains the dilemma his office was facing, “We were looking for demographics, housing, labor force, business and consumer spending data for our site selection tool. We had some of that with our old software but it was cost prohibitive to keep it.”

The MCEDD knew there were important features they were missing, such as interactive data reports, charts, comprehensive heat maps and a mobile-friendly website. They wanted to know more about site analytics without having to pay extra for that kind of information, and were interested in specific metrics about the kinds of searches website visitors were doing with the tool. They just couldn’t get that from their old application, so they went shopping for a software tool that better suited their needs. They found ZoomProspector.


Their newly launched ZoomProspector tool,, comes with the critical data pieces they found lacking in their old application: dynamic reports with demographic, labor force and consumer expenditure data. Heat maps can be displayed right down to the block group level. Data is visually displayed in attractive charts and graphs, which can be easily exported for reports. And as an added bonus, the whole site is completely optimized for use on mobile devices as well as desktop.

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The fDi Report 2020

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