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SeverCorr invests $850M in manufacturing plant


1) Attraction of SeverCorr LLC, one of the largest economic development projects in the USA the year it was announced.
2) The $850 million, 1.2 million square foot plant will employ 450 workers. The average annual salary per employee is over $70,000.
3) Economic development officials estimate that companies moving into the region to leverage SeverCorr’s high-grade steel could total over 1,000 additional jobs.
4) The GIS Planning-developed website saved SeverCorr LLC nine months in the location process.
5) According to EDO staff analysis, every $1 invested in the website has created $18 in value with data integration and improved efficiencies.
6) A time savings analysis reveals a 98 percent reduction in turnaround time and labor. It takes 0.8 hour to gather information on the site, compared with 48.4 hours using a manual process for the same amount of data.
7) The EDO's cost studies show savings of $1,525 for each site search and data analysis compared with the manual process

We’re in the cradle of our marketplace. There is good proximity to our end-user markets…All the important components of a site are there [on the website] for you, [such as] incentives, transportation, and work force.

Eddie Lehner, SeverCorr LLC, Chief Financial Officer

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