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State of Oregon upgrades to ZoomProspector for More Data


The State of Oregon was looking to improve on their old "integrated GIS website" strategy system built by a previous vendor. They were dissatisfied with the functionality and lack of results with their old system and wanted more data about demographic, work force, business and consumer spending available to website users.

They couldn’t be happier; analytics since their new OregonProspector location analysis application went live in January of this year show more than ten times the number of reports generated by site selectors, business owners, and potential investors in 2014, compared to all the reports generated on their former website. Moreover, these reports include significantly more data on business, community, consumer spending, demographics, housing, and labor force, accessible on both desktop and mobile versions of the website. By upgrading from their old service to ZoomProspector, they increased the amount of data points in the reports by over 7,000%.

More reports being generated show the state economic development organization has engaged users – business people who are genuinely interested in sourcing the right location for their business based on the available data. It demonstrates that users click over to the rich data reports that are of interest to them as they search for a strong community match for their business’ needs. A tenfold increase in these research reports from high value visitors is an excellent metric for any economic development organization.

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