The New York Times Names, Google, and Yelp as the Best Ways to Assess Your Market

New York, NY (PRWEB) -- Today, The New York Times, the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States, discusses how Google, Yelp, and ZoomProspector inform you what is going on in your market.

The article, "The Basics of Starting a Business," guides entrepreneurs along the path of starting a business by laying out the fundamental steps and providing essential resources to complete them. The first step is the development of a business plan, and among the essential elements is to determine what is happening in your market. ZoomProspector - the first national business location analysis website - is mentioned alongside with Google and Yelp as a website that "provides helpful information on local economic trends (population, income and demographics)".

" is providing an essential service for those who are considering starting a business," says Anatalio Ubalde, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of "The step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs released by The New York Times is a terrific resource, and we are pleased to be a part of it."

Through the use of online mapping and GIS, allows new business owners and those looking to expand their businesses to pinpoint their optimal location anywhere in the United States. Businesses can search for communities based on geographic requirements such as proximity to infrastructure and transportation, as well as demographic requirements relating to the labor force and the consumer base. After viewing in-depth demographic reports and maps for matching communities, the user can link out to powerful site location analysis websites specific to individual communities where even more information is available, including the ability to run demographic and business reports by radius from a potential site.

While many businesses use to find new locations in which to expand, The New York Times highlights its utility for people starting a business who need to understand their own communities better. Do you need a highly educated workforce? Do you need access to venture capital? Do you want to be close to concentrations of other start-ups? can help you determine how closely your community matches your business needs, and what trends are occurring in your community that can shape the success of your business for good or ill.

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