Intelligence Components FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers. Below you'll find explanations for some of our most commonly asked questions about Intelligence Components.


What is an Intelligence Component?
Intelligence Components are interactive, standalone web tools that can be easily embedded into any page on your website. That way, your website visitors don’t need to click away to another page, reducing the risk that you will lose them.
How do Intelligence Components help us engage prospects?
These user-friendly data tools engage visitors directly on your content pages, making your website “sticky”. They will spend more time researching and analyzing your data to answer their questions and are more likely to return to do more research.
Can I share and export data from an Intelligence Component?
Yes, just look for the Share or Export buttons on the data tools.
Can I choose which of the six Intelligence Components I’d like for my website?
Absolutely. Most clients choose all six of the standalone data tools but it’s also possible to choose to embed one, two (or more) of them on their own.
Can we customize the colors on our Intelligence Components?
Yes. You can customize the primary and secondary colors so they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your website and your overall branding.
How do we put the Intelligence Components on our website?
You will get a piece of code to paste into the back end of your website. You can have them up and running in a few minutes.
Can we customize an Intelligence Component to load up with specific data displayed?
Certainly. If, for example, you want the Business Data tool on each of your Target Industry pages for key industries, we can show you how to easily customize it. That way, you can show all the Aerospace or Manufacturing businesses in your region on an engaging interactive map. We’ve had clients customize the Demographics Intelligence Component to illustrate a key piece of data about educational attainment, and another used the Mapping component to visualize the Opportunity Zones in their area. Let us know what you’d like to show and we’ll help you do it.
Do you offer a solution to feature all these data tools on one portal?
Our turnkey microsite templates make it easy to showcase all of your data tools on one data portal. You’ll find options for Intelligence Components and others that also include ZoomProspector. You can count on these beautiful designs to be based on best practices and to ensure you get maximum advantage from your site selection software. Customize with your logo, images, text and branding colors. Click here to learn more.

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