ZoomBusiness FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers. Below you'll find explanations for some of our most commonly asked questions about ZoomBusiness.


ZoomBusiness looks like ZoomProspector – how are they different? 
While the two online tools look similar, they are completely different. ZoomBusiness is a listing
and mapping directory of businesses open during the COVID-19 shutdowns and is meant for
residents and consumers in your area so they can spend their money in the region to support
local business. ZoomProspector is a location analysis web tool, so investors and companies
looking to expand or relocate can choose their best business location.
I’m not currently a GIS Planning client but I’d like to use ZoomBusiness for my community. What do I do?
ZoomBusiness is ideal for any organization seeking to support and promote local business, whether you are an economic development organization, chamber of commerce, town, city, county or newspaper. Contact us at sales@gisplanning.com and we can have you set up and ready to add businesses and promote them within one business day.
Do I need to add ZoomBusiness to my website?
ZoomBusiness is a separate link, not embedded in your website, so it’s simple to use. Add prominent links to the ZoomBusiness URL on your website, in your social media feeds, email newsletter and in local press to help area residents find and use it.
Can I search for a specific category of businesses?
Certainly. Click on the Open Business button and select the category of business you wish to search for. We are adding new categories of businesses all the time so please send your suggestions to support@gisplanning.com

Adding Businesses & Quality Control

Can my local businesses add themselves to ZoomBusiness?
Absolutely. We designed the tool so local businesses can easily add themselves without requiring a login. They can click on Add a Business in the top right corner and fill in the fields in the pop-up box. Empty fields won’t be displayed. 
Can we review businesses that have been added before they have been listed?
Yes. When businesses add themselves, they need to be approved by an Admin before they go live. You can review those new additions by clicking on the COVID-19 tab in the main navigation of your Admin. Inactive or unapproved businesses are only visible in your Admin and not in the live site.
Can I edit a business listing once it’s been uploaded?
Business listing can be edited in the Admin. Your local businesses wishing to make changes will need to contact you to submit those changes.

Google Analytics

Will Google Analytics track visitors to our ZoomBusiness web tool?
We can easily add your Google Analytics tracking code to your ZoomBusiness web tool. Send the code to support@gisplanning.com.
Will Google Analytics track visitors to our ZoomBusiness web tool?How can my organization add lists of open businesses to ZoomBusiness?
Your organization can bulk add lists of businesses to ZoomBusiness with a simple spreadsheet upload. You can find more instructions and a spreadsheet template here in our Knowledge Base once you are logged in to the Admin.

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