Begin by drawing the shape of your building

Our 3D rendering tool couldn't be easier! Use your cursor to draw the building you want to see on the property.

GIS Planning 3D Rendering

Adjust your building's height. Choose a color to make it pop.

Images are a powerful part of place marketing, so we've built in added features to easily customize your 3D structure. Choose from the spectrum of colors to find the one you like best.

ZoomProspector 3D Simulation SettingsZoomProspector Building Colors

Bring the building to life with our design options

You can add a distinctive look to your 3D rendering by choosing from a list of designs, including office, manufacturing, green building, brick & more, then easily adjust the look with slider bars until it looks just right. You can then add and design additional buildings if you wish.

Office Building
Office Buildings 3D Rendering
manufacturing site
Manufacturing 3D Rendering
Green Property
Green Building 3D Rendering

Save and share your 3D designs

Best of all, your designs can easily be saved and shared in different ways with your team, prospective investors, site selectors, brokers and community stakeholders. All without any need for a new login and password.

ZoomProspector Rendering Name
ZoomProspector 3D Designs

Save your 3d renderings

Create as many designs as you like and save your favorites for future reference.

load the design from property report

All your saved 3D renderings remain available to you from the buttons under the address for any property report.


Sharing has never been easier. Reports, charts, maps, infographics can be shared by email and social media at the click of a mouse.


Your website visitors can design and build complex custom visuals with layers and heap maps for their selected regions. Custom share links are instantly generated for easy sharing.

3D Rendering matters for site selection

Our powerful data analysis helps site selectors, entrepreneurs and investors select the right community and prospective properties to help their business succeed; this innovative 3D rendering tool helps them make the next crucial step, by visualizing their property in place.

ensure prospects can feel the deal

Feel it, see it, want it! Our easy 3D rendering tool helps prospects make the abstract idea of their property feel more tangible and real. Visuals are a critical component in high-stakes decision-making.

give site selectors control

Put your prospects in the driver's seat by enabling these easy-to-use visualization tools and they'll keep coming back to consider your location. Intuitive, mobile-friendly features mean they are no longer dependent on GIS pros.

Add color to highlight your buildings

The right color helps any building stand out, adding extra punch to your proposals and marketing collateral. Go on and get creative! Even if you don't want to do a 3D simulation, you can add brand colors to any building to help draw attention to it on the map.

simulations for site promotion & marketing

Use your 3D Renderings on your website, on social media, in proposals, ZoomTours and any other marketing channels. Having difficulties generating interest in a vacant site or project? 3D simulations can help prospects imagine new possibilities.

ZoomProspector 3D Rendering Building Simulation

Partnered with the best in the industry

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This is the future of the industry

ZoomProspector has become an essential tool for the team behind Invest in Murcia. We use it not only to offer a state-of-the-art site location service but also to broaden our territorial economic development planning and promotion.

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