Insight: Drive time analysis

This is a game-changer for prospective investors who want to assess transportation logistics, commute times and travel distances for target clients traveling in different ways, on different days and at different times.

More than just a drive time tool

People move around their regions in different ways; businesses making location times need to be able analyze this to make site decisions. GIS Planning's new adjustable drive time analysis lets your website visitors assess commute times for cars, trucks and on foot. Best of all, they can modify by date, time of day and direction of travel.


Real traffic - Day & time

Mode of transportation

ZoomProspector drive time settings
Icon man walking
Icon trcuk
How many minutes?

Drive time is also interactive on the map

Good user interface design means making tasks easy for all visitors. Those website visitors who look at the map before the report can also adjust their drive time analysis from there. No guesswork required. No scavenger hunts. It's the same straightforward design principle we use with the dragging radius: implementing different ways to get the information you need from ZoomProspector to ensure easy access and quicker analysis.

Accessible from the reports

The new drive time analysis is easy to find - it's an enhancement of the radius/ drive time buttons at the top of every single property and pinpoint report. Now when you click "Minutes," you'll see icons that let you select car, truck or walk, with an additional option to click on and adjust date, time and destination - from or to the selected location. Use the new Drive Time from some of our reports:

Drive Time Interactive MobileWalk Distance Interactive Mobile

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