Lead Gen ID: Do you know who’s visiting your website?

Lead Gen ID tells you which companies are researching your region along with their search criteria

Which companies are searching, what they're seeking, and what reports they're viewing

With the innovative Lead Gen ID feature on ZoomProspector Enterprise, you can now identify site selection leads you never knew were there. Market research shows that 97% of site selectors are researching locations online, often before they ever make contact with the organization.

ZoomProspector and the Intelligence Components ensure you are offering them the data they need to make location decisions. Lead Gen ID offers the following information:

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Transform your sales funnel

Knowing the identity of your anonymous website traffic gives you a critical competitive advantage in a crowded economic development marketplace. Lead Gen ID complements the analytics you get with Google and ZoomProspector. Combine the gold standard in GIS location analysis data with next-level digital intelligence to maximize your marketing ROI.

Lead the conversation

Actionable intelligence about the companies who visit your website allows you to take control and build rapport with serious business prospects. Lead Gen ID allows you to see what brought qualified leads to your website, so you can fine-tune your marketing efforts to be more effective. Proactively reach out to see if they have found what they need and if you can help.

Partnered with the best in the industry

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders offer our clients tremendous advantages

Customer Success

A critical component for the 24/7 marketing of our region to the world

The transition to the new platform was one of the smoothest we have experienced with any online tool; GIS Planning did an incredible job.

Lauren Bryson

Executive Director

Lauren Bryson