Property Comparison: Compare and analyze properties side-by-side

Choosing the right site or building requires a careful analysis of all available options. ZoomProspector ensures your website visitors can easily compare details from multiple listings at the same time.

See how different property options stack up

This one? Or that? It's never been easier to weigh the differences between the site and building options on your list. Select as many properties as you like for a side-by-side comparison of features in this mobile-friendly tool.

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Select properties

No need to limit yourself! Choose as many sites and buildings as you like from the main property list to see how they stack up side-by-side.

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share and export

Our many sharing options make this tool particularly powerful. Download your comparison report as a spreadsheet or share it in an email, on social media or with a custom link.

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Comparing is easy on the #1 GIS site selection tool

Site selectors and businesses making location decisions will typically have lists of potentially suitable properties once they've narrowed down their search to your location. ZoomProspector's intuitive property comparison tool helps them see how their options stack up against each other with this convenient side-by-side analysis. See how the properties compare on relevant characteristics, click the images to view the full property reports, and take advantage of our many share options.

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The GIS Planning team has been extremely helpful

The intelligence components are a lifesaver- the RFI's practically write themselves! This resource is invaluable and I use it every single workday.

Cara Anderson

Project Manager

Cara Anderson