Property Widgets: Drive More Leads to Your Commercial Properties

ZoomProspector is the only location analysis software on the market to offer property search and display widgets for easy website navigation. Ensure potential investors can easily find your innovative, interactive GIS data tools.

Property Display Widget

The customizable property display widget will automatically pull an always up-to-date set of property listing thumbnails to display on the web page where it has been embedded, so prospects can click to learn more.

GIS Planning icon embed

embed properties into your site

The property listing thumbnails will display on your selected web pages with basic information about property address, location, and size.

GIS Planning icon database

display properties based on asssets

Use this widget to personalize persona journeys across your website by customizing which property thumbnails are displayed on your selected web pages.

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The transition to the new platform was one of the smoothest we have experienced with any online tool; GIS Planning did an incredible job.

Lauren Bryson

Executive Director

Lauren Bryson