ZoomTour FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers. Here are explanations to our most commonly asked questions about ZoomTour.


What is ZoomTour?
ZoomTour is an innovative cloud-based software that clients can use to build themed, multimedia virtual tours. These smart, self-guided tours let users interact with the content along a series of stops on a map. ZoomTours can be shared with a link. 
What can ZoomTour be used for?
ZoomTour can be used to offer an interactive overview of anything that can be mapped. Economic developers can use the tour to showcase the investment potential of their region, highlight featured sites & buildings, explore a new development or an area’s business parks, outline the features that make the region interesting to attract new talent. It's a great way to leverage the data visualization in tools like ZoomProspector Enterprise.

ZoomTour is a great way to offer a visual overview of film locations in your regions. Regions may be interested in using ZoomTour to produce themed self-guided guides of tourist hotspots, from arts & cultural institutions and festivals to top restaurants or areas of historical interest. Let your imagination be their guide. If you can map it, we can help you build a tour for it.
How many ZoomTours can I build?
Your ZoomTour license lets you build as many tours as you want. Each one will be shared with its own unique link. 
How do I build a tour?
Building a tour is easy with our user-friendly editor. It will walk you through the steps of adding new stops and integrating text, media, data and map views. You don’t need any special training to build your ZoomTour. 

See our Help Center for full details on building tours.
What are ZoomTour stops?
Each new destination on a ZoomTour is called a stop. It will have its own location on the map. You can add text, media, different map views and data at each stop.
Can I customize my ZoomTour?
Your ZoomTour comes with some customization options to provide a Tour that matches your brand guidelines. You can upload your logo and choose your primary and secondary colors.


What kind of content can I include?
Every stop begins with a location on a map. You can choose one or more map views to show, including Google Street View, map view, 3D rotation, terrain or hybrid. Then you can add text, hyperlinks, images, video, audio files and data reports from the GIS Planning suite of online GIS data tools.
Can I add data to my ZoomTour?
You can add data to stops on your ZoomTour by integrating reports from GIS Planning’s suite of data tools. Copy the custom share link from any report on ZoomProspector or Intelligence Components and paste it on the Data tab in the ZoomTour Editor.
Can I add audio to my ZoomTour?
Audio can be added in the form of mp3 files. They will appear in the text box as an audio player; Tour users will click on the play button to listen. For more information, view this article in the Help Center.
How do I add video to my ZoomTour?
Video can be added to a stop by just adding a link to the hosted video. You can upload your mp4 video files to YouTube or Vimeo (or any other online location).  Go to Gallery in the ZoomTour Editor, click the icon “Upload Video” in the toolbar and paste the link to the video.
How do I add hyperlinks to my ZoomTour?
In the description editor for any stop, highlight the text to hyperlink, click on the link icon in the editor toolbar and paste the URL (indicate it should open in a new tab).

Sharing your tours

How do I share my ZoomTour?
To share a tour, click on the View ZoomTour button and copy the URL. You can also use the Share Tour buttons to share your tour on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
Where can I share my ZoomTour?
Your ZoomTour can be added as a link on a website, posted on social media, added to your proposals or RFI response, included in email blasts and email newsletters, integrated into presentations and slide decks, and much more. Share your ZoomTour anywhere you want to offer people a smart, self-guided tour of the top features in your community.

Need more help? Visit our help center for more answers

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