Jeff Suneson

Jeff Suneson

Director of Client Services

My focus is our clients, from initial setup to training and ongoing support! It is my job to make sure clients are given the resources they need to succeed.
+1 (916) 833-8894
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Me Professionally

Jeff Suneson is the director of client services at GIS Planning.  Jeff has been with GIS Planning for over 10 years and is intimately knowledgable with the clients we serve and what they need for successful implementation of our services.  He participates in product development and ensures that client needs are addressed. Jeff's educational background is in geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  In fact Jeff started GIS Planning as technical lead on managing client geospatial data.  Jeff continues to also be the GIS lead for client mapping as well as the national data layers we manage in ZoomProspector Enterprise.  Jeff is equally passionate about client success and takes pride in cultivating strong relationships with all clients big and small.

Me Personally

When I am not working I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.  As a father of three young children my weekends and evenings are filled with sports, music theater, dance and trips to the park!  I have a passion for cooking which my family appreciates.  I also enjoy dining out and try new types  of food.  This is especially the case when traveling to new places both in the US and abroad.