Pablo Monzon

Pablo Monzon

Managing Director and Co-founder

I Iove creating new products and technologies to make people's jobs easier. It's incredibly rewarding to build software that is both powerful and easy to use and understand. It’s important to keep innovating and thinking outside the box.
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Me Professionally

Pablo co-founded GIS Planning Inc. As developer of the first Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based website for economic development, Pablo is an entrepreneur, innovator and technology professional.

With over 22 years of experience developing location-based applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based websites, Pablo has received multiple awards in both the field of Economic Development and Geographic Information Systems. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News, and numerous Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-related publications. Pablo has lectured about Internet Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

Pablo was a Fulbright Scholar, during which time his pioneering mapping tools and research included affordable housing, urban growth, disaster recovery costs, and economic development. He has a Master’s degree in City Planning from U.C. Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. In 2011, Planetizen selected Pablo Monzon as one of the top 25 leading thinkers in Urban Planning and Technology.

Me Personally

I enjoy traveling, walking my dog (Danny), going to the beach and making new friends. Love taking new challenges and learning new things. In life and in business we always have to take new risks, improve ourselves and adapt to new circumstances to expands our horizons.