Russell Riblett

Russell Riblett

Vice President of Sales

Our clients are our partners. We value and respect their knowledge and passion for economic development through the entire lifecycle of each project GIS Planning implements.
+1 (520) 861-3975
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Me Professionally

Russ is the Vice President of Sales and has been with GIS Planning for more than 20 years, first as a client and for the last 16 years part of the team. He has had experience in all parts of the business giving him the technological foundation to communicate with our clients in a language they can understand. His background is in economic development as he spent over seven years with the City of Tucson Office of Economic development learning profession. His passion is to help our clients achieve success in the online economic development arena.

Me Personally

I enjoy spending time with my wife and family. In my extra free time, I love the golf course and watching my favorite sports teams. As a father, I have spent countless nights coaching different youth sporting teams, traveling to different events my children have been involved in and became a proud cheer dad. As a grandpa, I enjoy being a part watching the next generation grow up.