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Data About Data: Unpack Your Website Analytics

What's the content?

This 30-minute webinar will offer a quick primer on the different layers of website analytics and use them strategically for place marketing. What can Google Analytics tell you? What additional information can you get from economic development analytics such as the back end of ZoomProspector Enterprise? Best of all, how can you harness the power of targeted analytics such as Lead Gen ID to see which companies are on your website and what they are searching for? By the end of this session, you will have practical ways to use your website traffic data in strategic ways for actionable intelligence and engaging with potential investors.

What will I learn?

Effective ways to encourage stakeholders to share links
The one key website you've probably overlooked
Social media posts that actually work to bring visitors back to your website
Giving Google what it needs
Understanding what your online GIS data tools can tell you
How is reverse IP lookup different from cookies or pixels?
How to find out which companies are on your website.
Much, much more!

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