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Our free national site selection website allows businesses to conduct national searches of communities and commercial properties that match their unique criteria – anywhere in the U.S.

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Main Features

Find Communities

Communities objectively identifies the optimal communities for businesses based on consistent, third-party data so companies can truly make apples to-apples comparisons for all locations in the United States.

Find Properties


Businesses can search for properties nationwide, and can even combine their property search criteria with desired community characteristics. Communities that have a ZoomProspector Enterprise website can list all of their properties on

Economic Developers


All EDOs can add personalized information on their community for businesses to see, including dynamic feeds from their social media accounts, by setting up a Community Connection Page and listing themselves in our Economic Development Directory.

Site Selection Experts

Site Selection

Businesses can search for site selection experts by specialty, industry, name, and location. This search option allows users to find experienced site selection consultants and corporate real estate advisors that can assist a company with its site location project.

Did you know?

More than 750,000 U.S. businesses each year need a new business location., the largest national site selection website, speeds up and simplifies the process of site selection analysis so that companies can quickly identify the optimal location for their business start-up, expansion or relocation.
Instead of spending days of research going to multiple government offices, real estate companies, and data sources, companies can get all of that information on ZoomProspector in minutes for free!

Business Matchmaker

ZoomProspector uses matchmaking technology like personals websites including, eHarmony and Yahoo! Personals. But unlike websites that connect people for romantic relationships, ZoomProspector connects businesses with communities for economic relationships. ZoomProspector is designed to create happy marriages between growing businesses and the communities that can support their success.

What's next

ZoomProspector has an action plan to expand the features, tools and information available on the website. The version you are seeing today is an evolution that will continue to grow and improve. Communities from around the nation are continuing to become partners with ZoomProspector because of the economic and social benefits that new jobs and businesses bring to their residents. We are also open to working with other partners that can grow the offerings of ZoomProspector and expand our existing technology, data, and business value and leadership.