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GIS Planning’s ZoomProspector Enterprise web applications provide comprehensive information to help new, expanding and relocating businesses find the optimal location for success in your community.

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How do site selectors and businesses find the perfect locations for their investment? Market research shows that 98% of them are searching for data online; if you are not offering up-to-date information about demographics, workforce, infrastructure, housing, business and industry, you may be losing leads without ever knowing you were in the running.

ZoomProspector Enterprise puts that information right on your website, where site selectors want it. Our award-winning location analysis application can be easily embedded or linked to your website, pairing extensive location data with a property database.

Why ZoomProspector?

Community Search

Community Search

Search for cities, counties and regions that match your demographic, industry, geographic, and budget requirements in your area using data.

Property Database Reports

Property Database Reports

Search an online database of available properties based on user-defined criteria with the ability to generate presentation-quality reports for available properties.

Demographic Analysis Reports

Demographic Analysis Reports

Create user-defined drive-time and radius analysis for a complete market overview of the areas around each property. Save and share demographic, consumer expenditure, wages, and labor force reports.

Business & Industry Clusters

Business Analysis and Industry Clusters

Display and filter businesses by industry using a completely interactive map interface. Also, pre-define your community’s target industries or clusters by NACIS code for enhanced local business analysis.

Community Profile Infographics

Attractive, interactive graphics illustrate the key data about your community, so potential investors can learn about your location at a glance.

Talent Pool Reports

Offer location-specific data about top college degrees, institutions and field of study by radius, drive-time, city, county and metro area.

Thematic Mapping

Thematic Mapping

Produce “heat maps” of unique demographic variables by geography, so website visitors can identify optimal business locations and visualize them with appealing graphics.


Thematic Mapping

Quickly compare selected communities or locations side by side, using a wide range of demographic variables and data on consumer expenditures and labor force.

Local Layers

Local Layers

Add interactive local GIS layers of community assets such as land use, incentive areas, railroads, schools, traffic counts, colleges, hospitals, and more that can be easily displayed to website visitors.

Search by Businesses

Search by Businesses

Search businesses by name, type, employees, and revenue. Analyze businesses within a user-defined radius of the location of interest to view potential suppliers, customers, and competitors.

Save Reports

Save Reports

Save and customize the property, demographic, and business reports you want in one location for further analysis and distribution.

Proposal Generator

Save Reports

Build fully customized proposals in just a few clicks with the integrated proposal generator tool, including PDFs, maps, charts and other attachments to showcase your location.

Full Mobile Optimization

Offer your users the only fully optimized location analysis tool in the industry, with complete access to all features and functionality.

Search Widgets

Build traffic by directing users to search for buildings, sites and/or communities from anywhere on your website, or the sites of community partners. Learn more.

Live Examples

Idaho Gem State Prospector (State)

Miami Dade, Florida (County)

Great Lakes Bay (Region)

Logan, Utah (City)

Georgia EMC, Atlanta (Utility)

Other Features

  • Website Analytics for Economic Development
  • Staff Administration Website
  • Property Listing Agent & Owner Accounts
  • Map Legend Display
  • Points of Interest
  • Dynamic GIS mapping
  • Social Media Integration
  • Properties promoted on top CRE media websites
  • Integration