Compare Communities: Benchmark key data for your area with other regions

The ability to compare and contrast data across regions is a critical part of the site selection process. We've built this directly into ZoomProspector, the industry's leading online GIS data tool for corporate site selection.

The only analytical tool to offer 2 ways to compare

Select communities from analysis and see key variables at a glance on the tiled cards. This makes it easy to fine-tune your list. Click on Comparison Reports to research and analyze the full sets of data variables.

build a comparison board

Selecting communities to compare is easy on the comparison board. Begin with a community from the client's geography, whether a city, county or region. Then click on Add Location to choose the communities for comparison. Each new choice is added to the board so you can see all selections lined up in cards with key data points to help you refine your selection.

ZoomProspector compare board

Go deep with a comparison report

Clicking on Comparison Report takes you to full, detailed reports for all selected communities. The polished, colorful charts at the top help website visitors visualize the data, while the tables below showcase the full data sets side by side. The first community from the client's geography stays anchored in the table, so viewers can scroll through other communities to see how they measure up.

ZoomProspector compare reports
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Sharing has never been easier. Reports, charts, maps, infographics can be shared by email and social media at the click of a mouse.

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Your website visitors can design and build complex custom visuals with layers and heap maps for their selected regions. Custom share links are instantly generated for easy sharing.

Drill deep into your comparisons on devices of any size

All the features on ZoomProspector are fully-featured on mobile, so you don't have to give up any functionality when using tablets and smartphones.

Complex data that's easy on the eye

Site selection decisions can be complex, so online data tools must make it easy to engage with critical information. The clean, colorful design of the Compare Communities is one more way GIS Planning puts research, analysis and easy sharing right at your fingertips.

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Visual Charts

Attractive, easy-to-read charts accompany all full comparison reports. Select different variables from the table below to see the data represented in chart form.

GIS Planning icon image

Share Comparisons in multiple formats

Share your custom comparisons with unique share links, on your social media channels, in emails or as downloadable PDFs. The choice is yours!

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Lauren Bryson