Labor force report: Workforce data offers insight into your regional economy

Workforce data can be a central part of site selection research. The ZoomProspector labor force report helps website users research workers by occupation and business in user-defined areas.

Drill down into business and employee data

Users will appreciate the varied, flexible tools to analyze detailed information about organizations and workers across different occupations and industries.

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Research area businesses

Businesses in any region can be researched and analyzed by size, type and industry.

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Research area employees

List, map, and graph employees by establishment type, NAICS code, major SIC, and size. 

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Radius and drive-time analysis

Adjust results on the fly up to 60 miles for radius and 60 minutes for drive time. The dragging radius tool on the map lets users fine tune the breadth of their search.

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Sharing has never been easier. Reports, charts, maps, infographics can be shared by email and social media at the click of a mouse.

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Your website visitors can design and build complex custom visuals with layers and heap maps for their selected regions. Custom share links are instantly generated for easy sharing.

Partnered with the best in the industry

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Customer Success

GIS Planning really rose to the top

When we looked at different options on the market for economic development organizations like ours, GIS planning really rose to the top. The data suite that complements the sites and building inventory was really what sold us on that.

Horton Hobbs

Vice-President, Economic Development

Horton Hobbs