Proposal Generator: Drag & drop proposals designed for economic development

GIS Planning’s intuitive drag and drop tool is the only one in the industry to let you build polished responses to RFIs directly from your GIS site selection data tool.

Share finished proposal in different formats

Share your proposal online as a link (where your updates will be reflected on their end) or as a PDF.

GIS Planning Online Proposal

Online proposal

Sharing an online proposal is a powerful way to communicate your region’s value proposition and property offerings.

Readers can click through on hyperlinks to view maps, analysis, charts, graphs and live property reports.

The true advantage of online proposals lies in the ability for your team to maintain an updated list of properties, so your readers trust they are seeing the most reliable and up-to-the-minute database.

ZoomProspector Proposal Online
Turn Online Proposal to PDF Print

PDF proposal for printing

When hard copy proposals are required, feel confident in the final product with our polished, professional design and comprehensive format.

ZoomProspector Proposal PDF Report

The proposal system re-invented for online collaboration

Save countless hours of preparation with a proposal generator build directly into ZoomProspector Enterprise, making polished, professional documents easier than ever.

GIS Planning icon video

Feature images & video

Go ahead and include all the media you need to make your region and your featured properties shine. The proposal generator supports video on different pages and in property reports.

GIS Planning icon infographic

Use Infographics

Take advantage of the community profile infographics from ZoomProspector and Intelligence Components to offer a data snapshot of your location.

GIS Planning icon virtual tour

Virtual tours included

Include virtual and custom tours in video, image and multimedia formats, including 360° flyovers, 3D architectural renderings, drone video, interactive interiors, and more.

GIS Planning icon design

custom design

Customize the look of your proposal to suit your organizational branding, including easy to modify colors and the ability to insert your logo.

GIS Planning icon collaborate

Collaborate online from remote offices

Because the proposal generator is online and built into the back end of your ZoomProspector system, teammates can collaborate virtually.

ZoomProspector Proposal Video
Online Proposal Infographic
GIS Planning Proposal Virtual Tour
GIS Planning Custom Online Proposal
Online Proposal Collaborate Virtually

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ZoomProspector has become an essential tool for the team behind Invest in Murcia. We use it not only to offer a state-of-the-art site location service but also to broaden our territorial economic development planning and promotion.

Fernando Ballesta

Economist in FDI and International Trade Projects

Fernando Ballesta