Talent pool: Show off the talent in your region

Site selectors and potential investors need to know more about the talent in your location. This kind of up-to-date data can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming for economic developers to source on their own. Your Talent Pool Intelligence Component put this information front and center.

You've got talent. They need workers. Help them make the connection

The Talent Pool Intelligence Component offers visual, graph and table data on degrees conferred by program, top programs and top universities by the number of graduates within an adjustable radius area. The map can be viewed in conventional or satellite formats (with or without labels).

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Degrees conferred by program

View how many Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees were awarded per year in hundreds of programs (by category or subcategory) for variable levels of geography in your region (city, metro area, county).

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Top 5 Programs and Universities

Clearly display the top five programs and top five universities by number of graduates within a defined geography or radius. Colorful charts can be quickly printed or downloaded as PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG vector image for inclusion in printed collateral, social media, slide decks and other marketing.

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Change radius or geography

Specify the geographic range of analysis by selecting from a drop-down menu or defining radius.

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Reports can be shared on social media or via email with one click or exported as a PDF document.

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The more they know, the better

Scroll down the list to see detailed talent pool data, including type of degree, program subcategory and degrees by institution.

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Type of degree

Looking for associate degrees by field of study, undergraduates or graduate students? We break it down for your user to view degree of expertise.

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drill down to subcategory

Field of study can be broken down into subcategories so businesses looking for specialized talent can better view where they can be found in your region.

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select a university

Select a specific university to learn more about the degrees being produced in different fields of study and subcategories.

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