An unmatched range of features for site selection research and analysis

Visitors to economic development organization websites want to visualize and analyze the site selection data they find on your pages, not just review static reports. ZoomProspector Enterprise puts an impressive array of analytical tools in the hands of potential investors, so they can see how your location fits with their business needs.

Polished, professional quality reports

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GIS Planning icon demographics


Save/share demographic, consumer expenditure, and labor force data (provided by AGS) within a user-defined distance from selected sites. Reports are dynamic and data is updated twice annually.

GIS Planning icon labor force

Labor Force

Analyze and map robust workforce data on a wide range of variables. Labor force data is (provided by AGS), based on the latest Census and the American Community Survey. Sort labor force data as needed within reports.

GIS Planning icon spending

Consumer Spending

Research, visualize, and analyze consumer spending patterns across your featured geography. Website visitors can map out spending for different variables at varying levels of granularity and easily export and share their results.

icon businesses

Business and Industries

Only GIS Planning lets users search, map, and analyze businesses by type, number of employees, and annual revenue, within a user-defined radius of the site of interest. Showcase potential suppliers, customers, and competitors.

GIS Planning icon wages


Review and map wage data within selected regions or custom geography for a wide variety of occupations at different levels of seniority. All wage reports can be shared by email, social media, PDF or custom share links.

GIS Planning icon talent

Talent POOL

This report, unique to GIS Planning, offers location-specific data about top degrees by institutions and field of study by radius, drive-time, city, county, and metro area. View top institutions’ degree production by the number of graduates.

GIS Planning icon share

Share Reports on Social Media

Sharing has never been easier. Reports, charts, maps, infographics can be shared by email and social media with the click of a mouse.

GIS Planning icon links

Generate custom share links

Your website visitors can design and build complex custom visuals with layers and heap maps for their selected regions. Custom share links are instantly generated for easy sharing.

Deep analysis with heat mapping and layers

Ensure your website visitors have the analytical tools to drill down into the data and address specific questions related to their location decisions.

GIS Planning icon layers

Layer variables across the map

Point and click map layers allow your website visitor to visualize data directly on the map. Layers include transportation, energy, broadband, education, incentives, energy, environmental, geography, and more. Custom layers can be added.

GIS Planning icon heat maps

Heat mapping down to zip code

Thematic mapping makes it easier to convey complex data by representing it visually, dispersed across a map. These visual displays by geography allow your visitor to identify optimal business locations at a glance. Click on color blocks to see data or view it in the reports on the side.

GIS Planning icon 3D map

Google Maps in different styles

Your website users will appreciate the ease and trusted reliability of Google Maps. Take advantage of classic, terrain, and hybrid maps to capture the geography of your region. Street view and 3D rotation options let visitors get in close to view specific details.

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The most interactive online site selection tool on the market

Site selection decisions aren’t simple, so site selection tools need to offer users simple, intuitive, and interactive tools to engage with complex data. The unmatched interactivity of ZoomProspector means your website visitors are empowered to do much more analysis to make their decisions easier.

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Lauren Bryson

Executive Director

Lauren Bryson