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NEW! Offer web visitors virtual tours of your top features

Showing off the most important features of your location is easier than ever with our powerful, new cloud-based ZoomTour software. Add text, images, video, maps and data to build interactive tours on any theme you like, from your region's industrial parks to talent attraction to your tourist top 10s - or whatever else you'd like to explore.

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Create interactive tours in minutes. No experience necessary.

Tell the stories of your community with the ZoomTour, a new addition to the GIS Planning lineup of innovative online software. Give your imagination free rein to build compelling theme-based, self-guided tours with our intuitive, user-friendly cloud based software. It's easy to do and there are so many ways to use it. If you can map it, we can help you tour it.

ZoomTour value proposition

Virtual tours are smart marketing

Connect with users through a series of smart online, self-guided tours that lets them interact with content along a series of stops. How about a ZoomTour to showcase the industrial parks and development opportunities in your region, with maps, available properties, charts and data? Or create a tour to showcase the possible film locations in your area, with images, video and links to websites and social channels.

Want to showcase the arts & cultural scene in your area? Design a ZoomTour with links to museums, theaters, concert halls and more.

ZoomTour can profile workforce with links to top universities and technical schools, or shine a spotlight on different industry sectors, FDI investments, top employers, events such as festivals, and much more.

ZoomTour be creative

Your imagination

Your innovative ZoomTour cloud-based software can be used to showcase just about anything that can be mapped. Show us the universities and technical schools training the talent of tomorrow. Give us a tour of the companies that make up your target industry sectors. Help us explore your golf courses and bike paths, beaches and parks.

If you can map it, we'll help you tour it.

ZoomTour amenities

Your community's value proposition

Don't just tell website visitors about your community - show it off with a ZoomTour! Walk us through the features that make your location a prime site for investment and doing business. Show us how appealing it is for workforce and talent. Let us explore those quality of life elements that make your area feel like home.

ZoomTour Development

New Development

ZoomTour turbocharges your economic development marketing by adding multimedia and data to your featured sites and buildings. Offer a tour of your business parks. Create another for your certified or featured sites. Got a new development coming? Build a guided tour to showcase the features of the location and planned amenities.

ZoomTour Tourism


Don't stop at economic development - ZoomTour is perfect for tourism. Create tours for historical sites, top foodie destinations, parks & recreation features, arts & culture, festivals and events, and even walking tours for key neighborhoods and downtown districts.

ZoomTour film locations

Film Locations

Communities pitching themselves as locations for the film and television industries can use ZoomTour to show off the features, sites, and workforce that lend themselves to production. Use ZoomTour to show off areas that have been used in the past, with links to websites and trailers.

Each stop offers viewers a full interactive experience

Tours begin with a destination on a map. Users self-guide by interacting with content at each stop. Tell viewers more with descriptive text, images, video, audio and/or data. Add stops along the tour with descriptions and media. Integrate data charts, heat maps, infographics or property reports. List website URLs and/or social media handles for organizations along the way.

ZoomTour Stop Intro

Start with an introduction

Welcome users at the first destination on the map. Use the text description to set the scene and explain what you'll be exploring along the way, using text, images, video, audio, 360° map views and data.

ZoomTour Stop Map

Locate the stop on the map

Your tour will depart from the first stop on the map. When building the tour, you can enter this with an address or geographical coordinates. Each stop along the way will be indicated with a pin at a specific place on the map.

ZoomTour Stop Street View

Provide an interactive street view

Where will we go next? Help your tour users orient by building in Google's interactive Street View. These snapshots on different locations help them get up close and personal, feeling like if they were there.

ZoomTour Stop Virtual Tour

Offer a 360° immersive visit

Let your users explore at any stop with a 360° interactive tour. Using Google’s familiar interface, they can use their mouse or track pad to move the view in all directions or explore down a road or path.

ZoomTour Stop Reports

Provide data reports

Add robust data by integrating reports from GIS Planning’s suite data tools: infographics, property reports, workforce, consumer spending, business and industry, along with data visualizations in charts of thematic heat maps.

ZoomTour user looking

Cloud-based software to create virtual tours for your community

Get creative! ZoomTour lets you design the theme-based tours your region needs to showcase important features.

Use ZoomTour to build as many tours as you need

ZoomTour is cloud based software that your team can use to create as many different tours as you want. Users add their own content in a variety of different formats (including data from GIS Planning's suite of GIS data tools) to create compelling virtual tours on an unlimited variety of themes. From economic development and commercial real estate to tourism, festivals & events, featured anchor companies and workforce attraction, your imagination is the only limit.

Use a variety of different media to engage viewers

ZoomTour is all about your own content. Each stop along the tour will be shown on a map (take advantage of Google Maps' Street View and 3D rotation, as well as 360° flyovers), title and text description. The editor makes it easy to add images, video, audio (MP3), data from your other GIS Planning suite of tools, URLs, social media links and more. You can add as many stops as you like and illustrate them with different kinds of media for a compelling online journey.

Intuitive editor makes it easy to add & modify stops

No training needed! Our user-friendly ZoomTour dashboard walks you through all the steps of creating, editing and sharing your different, theme-based tours. Each step comes with easy to follow instructions to ensure tours are ready to wow. Take advantage of our FAQs and the ZoomTour Marketing Toolkit in your Help Center for practical ideas to make the most of these powerful online tours.

Share your ZoomTours with a URL

Your finished theme-based virtual tours can be easily shared with a URL. Add it to your website. Send it in an email. Build it into your PowerPoint slide decks. Include it in your proposals and responses to RFPs. Put it in your email campaigns or email newsletters. Make the most of it on social media, where it can show the world your community's top features.

ZoomTour Features

Partnered with the best in the industry

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders offer our clients tremendous advantages