Talent pool report: Showcase workforce talent by educational institution and degrees conferred

Site selectors and businesses can analyze and map data about secondary institutions in your area, as well as degrees conferred by program.

Your region's got talent

This report is where you get to show it off. From degrees conferred, fields of study, top programs, and area universities and colleges, you can let potential investors know more about the talent pool in your location.

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Adjust search radius

Talent pool research can be adjusted up to 60 miles around a property, business, pinpoint or selected city, county or region.

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Degrees conferred

Drill down from fields of study into specific programs and heat map the number of graduates by degree conferred.

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Drill down from category to university name

Site selection research often focuses on the very specific needs of companies seeking to expand or relocate, which means your online data tools have to be flexible to help them answer those questions. That's why our talent pool data can be sliced and diced in different ways, expanded into categories, degrees, and show individual post-secondary institutions.

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Search by category

Talent data can be searched by field of study and individual programs.

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View individual universities

Each dot on the map represents an individual business. Click for information and generate reports for customizable radius distance around it.

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The GIS Planning team has been extremely helpful

The intelligence components are a lifesaver- the RFI's practically write themselves! This resource is invaluable and I use it every single workday.

Cara Anderson

Project Manager

Cara Anderson