Map layers: Showcase key site selection attributes

A wide range of map layers helps decision-makers understand how important location features play out across your region.

Layer maps with your most important features

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Supply chain logistics become clearer when website users can choose to view the locations of area airports, ports, rails, and highways.

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Location decisions for some investors will depend on the availability of broadband. Where is it available? What format does it take? How does it compare to other communities? Who are the providers? The following layers are now included: Cable, copper wire, DSL, fiber, fixed wireless, mobile wireless.

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This layer invites your website users to map out energy features, including natural gas processing plants, coal mines, crude oil terminals, electric transmission lines, ethylene crackers, liquified natural gas import/ export terminals, natural gas market hubs, crude oil pipelines, natural gas underground storage facilities, petroleum product pipelines, petroleum product terminals, petroleum refineries, power plants (both renewable and non-renewable).

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Environmental data such as flood zones and wetlands can be mapped out alongside available commercial sites and buildings.

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Local data

We’re proud to offer clients the ability to build in their own local data as layers on the map. Whether it’s major projects, success stories, zoning information or other relevant information, we can ensure it’s available to your website visitors.

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