Template T-Seven

Another variation on the template for large regions to promote their territory. Features the whole suite of Intelligence Components with an easy drop-down menu starter.

Template Information

T-Seven is oriented for large regions or states to promote their communities with the whole Intelligence Component package. It includes Demographic Reports, Businesses and Mapping Analysis, Community Comparison, Talent Pool, and Profile Infographics for every location in your region.

The home page makes it easy for visitors to access all your locations either by selecting a city, county, metro, or region. T-Seven allows you to add imagery of your community, as well as external links to your website, as well as highlight your sponsors or advertising.

T-Seven offers a contact page where users can send a message directly to an specific email address without having to leave the microsite.

Customer Success

These technology tools show your street cred

These tools to show the possibility of locating your company in a more affordable area of what I call “Greater Silicon Valley.” I've always chosen GIS Planning to show our clients, board members, and locals the advantage of having the data online.

Mike Ammann

President & CEO

Mike Ammann