Interactive data tools right on your website pages

Put beautiful, engaging content right in front of your website visitors - no need to click away to another page. Value-added interactive data turns investment prospects into high qualified leads by giving them what they need.

Help businesses visualize site selection data

Intelligence Components make complex data accessible and visual with charts, graphs and thematic heat maps. This makes it easier to understand, analyze, compare, and recall.

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Charts and graphs

These visuals help users quickly understand relationships in the data, making complex or numerous variables easy to grasp at a glance.

GIS Planning icon heat maps

thematic maps

These colorful maps represent many data types across the areas they cover. They easily and quickly convey how values are dispersed play out across a geographic area.

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Sharing has never been easier. Reports, charts, maps, infographics can be shared by email and social media at the click of a mouse.

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Polished design engages your website visitors

Interactive, attractive data tools make your website “sticky” so visitors stay longer, seeking out the answers they need, sharing results with others, and are more likely to return.

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Designed to be embedded

Embedding interactive data tools adds a lot of value to your website by keeping visitors there longer and encouraging returns. Intelligence Components are designed to be easily embedded on your existing web pages by pasting code into the back end. Easily customize the primary and secondary colors so they blend right in.

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interactive tools

The bar is set pretty high for economic development professionals. Even with a beautiful website, engaging decision-makers can be hard. The interactive content in these tools engages them directly on your website pages so they can research and analyze answers to their site selection questions.

Intelligence Components design

Slice and dice data in different ways

Our suite of six data tools offers website visitors different ways to find the data they need, choosing from hundreds of variables, illustrating them with charts, or mapping them out.

GIS Planning icon demographics


Offer dynamic searches on demographics, consumer expenditures and labor force date directly within the search tool. Results can be displayed and exported as clear, attractive charts and graphs.

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Deliver clear insight into your business and industry clusters with reliable, automatically updated searchable information.

GIS Planning icon mapping


Let website users see geographic data mapped out before their eyes. Enable visualization of geographic information for education, local GIS layers, transportation, and infrastructure.

GIS Planning icon compare


Compare the data on demographics, labor force, and consumer spending for an area in your region and one or more other communities from across the nation.

GIS Planning icon talent


Research, analyze, and map data about post-secondary institutions in your area, along with top programs and degrees conferred by program.

GIS Planning icon infographics

Community infographics

Offer a beautiful, interactive snapshot of key information about your region with this compelling data infographic.

Intelligence Components demographics view
Intelligence Components business view
Intelligence Components mapping view
Intelligence Components compare view
Intelligence Components talent view
Intelligence Components infographics view

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The GIS Planning team has been extremely helpful

The intelligence components are a lifesaver- the RFI's practically write themselves! This resource is invaluable and I use it every single workday.

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