Community infographics: Tell your location’s story with data infographics

The Community Profile Infographic makes your data come alive with attractive graphics, so it's easier for website visitors to absorb and understand. And unlike static infographics, you can trust this one is regularly kept up to date.

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Anyone who researches web content can tell you a good data infographic is worth way more than a thousand words. Summarize key data points about your location in one beautiful infographic.

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Engaging visuals

Complex data is easier to understand, engage and remember with graphics than boring lists of text and numbers.

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Explore the infographic to find time-series and interactive data that lets you choose years, industries by jobs, and more. Quickly jump to desired content with the icon navigation.

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Change geography

Regional and state versions of the infographic invite the website visitor to change the geography to view results for different locations. 

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Your infographic will blend seamlessly into the rest of your website with our easy to customize color scheme.

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Easy to Share

Click on the share icon at the top to share the whole infographic or the three dots in the upper right corner to share individual blocks.

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These GIS tools showcase the power of data

Having all the information in one place is just makes it that much easier much faster to pull and to share. The depth and breadth of what GIS Planning has been able to do with the our website has been impressive. A phenomenal resource.

Kelly Patton

Economic Development Consultant

Kelly Patton