Customer Success Story

ZoomProspector offers a great way to connect with our local business community

Updating the site locator tool on a regular basis allows our team at the city to always know what properties are on the market and why they are on (or taken off) the market.

Karla Gould

Economic Development Specialist – Industrial

Convenient to have all the information that supports investment decisions in one place

 The City of Spruce Grove provides data from the tools to those needing demographic and business related information. The Intelligence Components provide a quick snapshot of the demographic profile of Spruce Grove using attractive infographics. The information is thorough and can be easily navigated.

We use the data ourselves for marketing and promotion, to develop strategies, and provide our elected officials the information they need to make informed decisions. The site locator tool allows realtors and prospective investors to create a customized list of properties. I personally use the site locator tool to identify clusters and identify key sectors.

It’s important for economic developers to understand the demographics of the community they represent and have a strong handle on the business environment. Collecting this information can be extremely time consuming and expensive and, to be useful, requires frequent updates. The GISPlanning tools effectively and efficiently provide much of this information.The data is kept current so you can always be confident that the information you share is relevant.


ZoomProspector helped me identify things I might not have otherwise seen

 In updating the site locator tool recently, I noticed a local business had their building for sale. This was initially alarming as they have been in Spruce Grove for a long time. This motivated me to reach out to them to see what was going on. Chances are, with my workload, I wouldn't otherwise have had a chance to identify any issues they had prior to putting their property up for sale. Although the owner did indeed sell, by reaching out I was able to establish a positive working relationship with the new owner. I am aware of some of the issues he is facing and we are working to ensure he is able to remain in Spruce Grove. Without my regular commitment to updating the site locator tool, this opportunity might have been missed.