Dynamic maps: Powerful data visualizations for investment purposes

User-friendly mapping of geographic information for education, local GIS layers, transportation, and infrastructure.

Smart mapping made easy

Help investors, site selectors and businesses making location decisions by putting intuitive research mapping tools at their fingertips.

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Choose your geography

Website visitors can select the city, county or region from your geographic boundaries with the dropdown menu at the top. They also have the option to specify a street address.

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Beautiful data maps

Select variables from the Map Layers, Labor Force, Demographic Data, and Consumer Expenditures tabs to generate engaging and informative custom maps. Multivariable searches are possible to address research requirements. Individual variables can be turned off from the legend.

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Customize for your web pages

Customize your Dynamic Data Intelligence Component to load on the page to display one or more key variables, such as Federal Opportunity Zones or specific Demographic elements. This is a great way to add interactive content to illustrate important points on your website pages.

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Easy to share

Show the results of your research by exporting or sharing links and reports as PDFs, in social media posts, or by email. Maps can also be easily embedded on any website by clicking share and copying the HTML code.

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Intelligence Components variables view
Intelligence Components customize view
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Integrate your own local data as map layers

Do you have data you'd like to integrate as map layers? We can help! Share major projects, success stories, incentive zones, data centers, zoning, water or sewer lines, or whatever else helps make your location stand out.

Intelligence Components local data view

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GIS Planning offers a very dynamic tool. It’s a time-saver for us. It allows us to prepare packets in house for prospects those that are visiting the area.

Andy Buffington

Business Marketing and Research Manager

Andy Buffington