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Market research shows site selectors and businesses research locations online, often before they reach out by email or telephone. If you aren't providing interactive tools for them to visualize and analyze site selection data, you may be losing leads without ever knowing your region was being considered. Our suite of interactive data tools ensures potential investors can find information about their specific criteria directly on your website, including data on demographics, workforce, GIS, business/ industry, education, wages and more. The GIS Planning line-up of online information tools provides answers to key site selection questions.

Property Database + Location Analysis


The most advanced online site selector tool on the market. Put the power of true location analysis directly on your website so site selectors and businesses can research, analyze and drill down into your data with an unparalleled range of analytical tools.

Research and analyze properties and communities

Search an online database of available commercial and industrial properties based on a wide range of user-defined criteria. Research and analyze cities, counties and regions with robust demographic, labor force, consumer expenditure, wages, business, geographic, and talent data.

Drill into the data with a range of analytical tools

Dynamic searching means your website users can easily sort through and answer their own specific questions. Adjust reports on the fly by radius and drive time. Interactive tools such as the dragging radius, pinpoint, and free draw  invite prospective investors to focus on their areas of analysis.

Visual, dynamic and interactive

Choosing communities and properties for investment requires sorting through complex, multi-variable data. Your website users will appreciate being able to easily map and visualize data with layers, thematic heat maps, interactive map tools, charts, graphs, infographics, and reports that can be dynamically sorted on the fly.

Share reports, maps, infographics and custom links

Sharing made easy. Your website users can generate links to custom maps for proposals, slide decks, and trade show collateral, drawing readers back to your website. Download charts, graphs, maps, and infographics as images. Share reports by email, social media, PDF or custom share link.

ZoomProspector Product
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Matthew A. Thomas

Matthew A. Thomas

Economic Development Manager, City of Alpharetta

ZoomProspector enables our city to showcase properties and investment opportunities available in a centralized and user-friendly way, plus the data provided is up-to-date and current. Site selection is an information-heavy and time-sensitive process. Our partnership with ZoomProspector creates instant access for companies to holistically see properties and a variety of attributes that meet their needs. This further positions our city for new investment right at the moment when decisions need to be made.

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Smart marketing + value proposition


Our interactive, multimedia virtual tour software is the only product on the market that helps communities easily build engaging online tours with different themes to guide visitors through their top features.

build as many tours as you need

ZoomTour is cloud based software that your team can use to create as many different tours as you want. Users add their own content in a variety of different formats (including data from GIS Planning's suite of GIS data tools) to create compelling virtual tours on an unlimited variety of themes. From economic development and commercial real estate to tourism, festivals & events, featured anchor companies and workforce attraction, your imagination is the only limit.

Use a variety of different media to engage viewers

ZoomTour is all about your own content. Each stop along the tour will be shown on a map (take advantage of Google Maps' Street View and 3D rotation, as well as 360° flyovers), title and text description. The editor makes it easy to add images, video, audio (MP3), data from your other GIS Planning suite of tools, URLs, social media links and more. You can add as many stops as you like and illustrate them with different kinds of media for a compelling online journey.

Intuitive editor makes it easy to add & modify stops

No training needed! Our user-friendly ZoomTour dashboard walks you through all the steps of creating, editing and sharing your different, theme-based tours. Each step comes with easy to follow instructions to ensure tours are ready to wow. Take advantage of our FAQs and the ZoomTour Marketing Toolkit in your Help Center for practical ideas to make the most of these powerful online tours.

ZoomTour Product

Business Data + Mapping Directory


ZoomBusiness lets open businesses list themselves in an interactive, mobile-responsive mapping directory, to ensure consumers can find the restaurants, retail, and services in their region.

List and map open businesses by category

Website users can search for the retailer, restaurant, service or health facility in a variety of ways: by selecting the location and categories from the menu at the top of the screen, by clicking View Details on the business contact card in the lift on the left, or clicking pushpins on the map on the right.

Two easy options to add open businesses

Your area businesses can easily add themselves by clicking on the Add a Business button at the top right. No login required. Admin approval is fast and simple. Alternatively, anyone with admin access can quickly add businesses by uploading a spreadsheet. Empty fields won't be displayed on the contact card.

ZoomBusiness Product

Big Data Analysis + Engage Web Visitors

Intelligence Components

Intelligence Components define the next generation of economic development websites by offering six interactive standalone data tools directly on your web pages: Demographics, Mapping, Business Data, Compare, Community Infographic, and Talent Pool.

Interactive Data tools

Our six standalone Intelligence Components are easily embedded into your different website pages, so that businesses making location decisions can access and analyze interactive content right where they are, without having to click away to another page.

Choose and Place

Select all six or any combination that offers the best fit for each page in your website. A GIS Planning client services professional will deliver the customized code so your website users can easily access, analyze, and share the data they need at any time.


Your website users can easily access, analyze, and share the data they need at any time. And since it's all automatically updated, you can focus on other tasks.

Intelligence Components Product
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Jael E. Jones

Jael E. Jones

Former Director, Market Research. Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

With our website, you can go on and find a range of information from demographics, labor force, consumer expenditures, education attainment and talent pool data have been extremely popular these days. It's one of our most favorite features, broken down by location, where you can actually identify in moments who’s graduating from were with which degrees. It's fascinating. It's very powerful.

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Design and SEO

Data Microsites

Your data portal microsite is designed to show off your interactive GIS tools and key data and ensure visitors can easily find the information they need. Your data portal microsite will never look outdated and we can help you have it up and running in days.

Showcase your data tools

Template options feature different combination of Intelligence Components and/ or ZoomProspector. Tools are featured prominently so decision-makers never have to hunt around looking for the data they need. This ensures visitors can access the different tools they need to answer their location search questions.

Make it look like your own

The great advantage of our different template options is you can customize any of them to match your organizational branding. Simply plug in your logo, images, and colors for a seamless look across your website and marketing materials.

Responsive design

All our microsite templates and online data tools are mobile friendly, so you can offer an engaging web experience on all your any device. Our powerful layout with responsive functionality can be adapted to any screen size. See how it looks - just resize your browser window to see how the display adapts.

Data Microsites Product
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Angelina Abella

Angelina Abella

Economic Development Analyst, City of Stockton

Through that microsite, we’re able to let potential investors and site selectors know what the available opportunities are in Stockton with the available sites and buildings, as well as our demographic data

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Partnered with the best in the industry

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders offer our clients tremendous advantages