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Is your website smart enough?

Intelligence Components define the next generation of
economic development websites by offering six interactive standalone data tools directly on your web pages.

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Intelligence Components engage prospects with data

Website users can search and map key site selection criteria on different pages in a set of polished, intuitive data tools that neatly complement and enhance your existing content. Choose all six or create your own combination.

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Make your website engaging and interactive

Interactive website content helps attract, retain, and educate visitors. This active engagement keeps them on your site longer, as they research and analyze your data. In return for that engagement, web visitors get real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about and which they are more likely to remember and return to view again.

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Choose your Intelligence Components

Select all six or any combination that offers the best fit for each page in your website: Demographics, Mapping, Business Data, Compare, Community Infographic, and Talent Pool.

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Place them on your website pages

A GIS Planning client services professional will deliver the customized code to paste directly on to your website. No further effort required.

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Watch them work for you 24/7

Your website users can easily access, analyze, and share the data they need at any time. And since it's all automatically updated, you can focus on other tasks.

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Partnered with the best in the industry

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders offer our clients tremendous advantages

Customer Success

Local companies use ZoomProspector to better serve their customers

GIS Planning offers a very dynamic tool. It’s a time-saver for us. It allows us to prepare packets in house for prospects those that are visiting the area.

Andy Buffington

Business Marketing and Research Manager

Andy Buffington