Real data for those looking to locate their business

Cedar Hill was really looking for a partner that could provide us not with only a learning experience but also real data that could be shared with those that are looking at our region to locate their business.

It’s a time-saver for us. It allows us to prepare packets in-house for prospects those that are visiting the area but [it’s also used by visitors] on the website to put their parameters in and search around the system, so it helps our attraction efforts. Some of our local companies have also utilized ZoomProspector system in their outreach efforts, to understand the market and the trade area around us, [so as] to better serve their customers.

Helpful for lead generation

Andy Buffington, Business Marketing and Research Manager

The lead generation that comes from [the website] has been helpful for internal efforts as well as the external prospects that are looking to locate in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and especially Cedar Hill, Texas.

The biggest advice I would give to other economic developers is that the digital world is not going away. It’s going to continue evolving. And it’s really a doormat for those that are entering your city. A lot of times, they’re going to be on your website before you even know they’re looking. You could marked off the list before you know it. So make sure you’re giving thought to your digital presence online.